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Tanya and Demetri Gayle, January 2022

JJ Cox was very understanding of our wants and needs throughout the whole process of purchasing the house of our choice. We wanted to buy the house we had been renting already since January of 2019.

JJ Cox is a very personable and skillful negotiator and knows people with whom to negotiate to get things done. We especially appreciated that he called two trusted home inspectors, who could inspect the house before our making an offer to the seller. It ended up helping greatly in the entire process.

We were impressed with JJ’s way of getting things moving with regard to all the V.A. loan requirements. We were also impressed with JJ’s understanding of the order in which things must be done in expediting the closing process, as well as his knowledge of contractors who could get things done quickly and well. The problem that could have caused closing to be postponed for months was the need for a new septic system. He quickly located an excellent contractor, who despite inclement weather built the septic system very quickly.

Due to the diligent and hard work of JJ Cox, as well as Mike Layton, Senior Loan Officer of Village Bank Mortgage, we were able to lock in a great low interest rate, and due to the awesome and timely work of the contractors, we successfully made the closing deadline.

We would also like to recognize Brittney, who, although we did not meet her in person, was busy in the background working on our house purchase. Thank you, Brittney!

One more individual we would like to recognize is Savannah K. Sargent, the knowledgeable, personable and yet professional attorney, who oversaw the closing of our house purchase.