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Meet the Team…

Richmond and its surrounding Commonwealth are a mixing bowl of talented and thought-provoking humans with a deep love for their homestead. Brittney and J.J. are two of those people, having picked real estate as the hub for which they can share and spread their profound admiration for an area as rich in history as it is in culture.

Born and raised in Mechanicsville, Virginia, both J.J. and Brittney have watched their hometown grow and progress alongside them. They’ve seen the modernization of quiet country roads, waves of urbanization into the city limits, and the expansion of sphere’s of thought and influence that engulfed a region. They know the history of this town and are overly excited for its future. They stay informed and up-to-date on not only the market, but of Commonwealth current events, making sure they are as knowledgable as possible for any and all of their clientele.