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Brittney C. Graves
(804) 301-8633
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As a child, she was doted from car seat to open house, waiting for her parents to grab the latest home design ideas and go. As fate would have it, that wide-eyed little girl with the infamous 1990’s bowl cut is now the individual who walks into a house and can memorize the layout and features without a conscious thought. In 2011, Brittney graduated with a degree in history from Randolph-Macon College. What type of job does one undertake when their affection is for the past and its subsequent influence on the present? Unbeknownst to most, real estate was the perfect career, as the fate of a house or neighborhood lies directly within the confounds of the home. If walls could talk, they would speak of the times past, the lives influenced, the love felt, and the progression towards the present and future.