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Selling a House With Pets

We Americans, we love our pets. Dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, parakeets, and even squirrels, we are a culture that appreciates animal companionship. According to the internet, 55% of households have pets, which means at any given time, half of the houses on the market have pets occupying the premises. Owners with animals need to pet-proof their property before they put it on the market. Here’s how.


The number one deterrent for many buyers is a funky odor in the home. Febreze does a great commercial about being nose blind to smells, but really, its true. However, a Febreeze canister filled with a flowery aroma isn’t going to cover it up, sorry. If your home has carpets, it’s highly advised to replace them before sale if pets have produced unremovable stains or odors. At the very least make sure you shampoo your carpets and wash any rugs that are machine washable.

Another culprit of pet odor is kitty litter or animal bedding. If you own cats make sure you replace the kitty litter daily, yes, daily. Try and keep the litter box in a well-ventilated area. Cedar shavings for a small critter should also be frequently replaced, and cages cleaned. Wash Dog beds or anything similar and if stained and smelly, consider replacing.

Hair and Dander

I think my dogs shake and slide across every surface of my house while I’m away. Hair is EVERYWHERE! I vacuum the floor just to turn around and find a tumbleweed of hair occupying the space I just cleaned. It may be a pain but try and sweep, vacuum and dust right before each showing or at least the morning of appointments, if you will be away at work during the day. Dust, vacuum, repeat.

Poop Patrol

Buyers are going to walk around your yard, so make sure they don’t leave with a present on their shoe. Before every showing appointment, or in the morning the day of showings, make sure you go around your yard and check for poop. If your furry friends are outdoor animals like chickens or roosters, remember to keep the pens cleaned.

Tidy Up

Like kids, pets have an abundance of STUFF, whether it be dog bones, tennis balls, or a cat scratching post, pet toys seem to be everywhere. Clutter is the killer of a home sale, and that includes pet items. Putting away items like leashes, bowls, and toys ensure a clean space.

Pet Daycare

Sellers need to figure out a game plan for animals during showings. Some sellers opt to take their animals out of the house during appointments, maybe to doggie daycare or grandmas house. Other sellers keep their pets in the home but contain them in cages or utility rooms/bathrooms. Make sure your realtor is aware of the animals and places information in the showing instructions for buying agents.